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Well that’s been two weeks of holidays that have come to an end.

As usual, I’m not sure whether I’m happy or sad to see a return to routine. I spent the week before Christmas in a mad rush and the week after being ill. I just about get back to normal, thinking I’ve done enough chores and would like to relax and have a holiday and it’s time for work and school runs.

At this time, I think about the contrast between my term time and holiday routine: early morning v leisurely lie ins, trying for early nights v staying up later and later, not making lunch v 3 meals a day, filling school time with work v doing the minimum possible work. And all the other little differences.

The big one however is thinking time. During the school week, I’m pushing the kids to follow their routine when their at home and doing domestic chores.

During the hours of their absence I’m trying to Get Things Done, starting off the week with a list, seeing how much I can complete and what comes up during the week. I’m quite organised at work priorities but never, well hardly ever, catch up with myself and am very good at chastising myself for all the things I haven’t done rather than all the things I have completed. I have learned to say no to projects as I am too willing to participate without having the time to commit, and being flattered to be asked. I try and do more than I sensibly can, but also criticise myself for that as I’m certainly not doing a 35 hour week.

I’m not as good at doing things for me, whether it’s cooking, or house improvements or just lolling in the bath, reading a book and enjoying a rest. I am not able to prioritise exercise or sensible eating. I’ve lost the joy of cooking completely.

With so much to do, I fall into bed at the end of the day, exhausted with hopes of going to sleep quickly. I deliberately avoid having time for thinking about life, what I’m doing, where I’m going or just letting the day’s events wash over me. As I’ve been reminded over the last week or so, when I have thinking time I end up with a lot of emotional pain and tears and not going to sleep at all.

So I block out the emotions and concentrate on Getting Things Done (capitalised ever since I came across the entertaining “Getting Things Done work-life management system”). Tasks can be crossed out, completed and achieved. Sorting my life out is a bit more complicated.