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Skip this if you like, I won’t mind. This is giving myself a pat on the back for what I have done this week.

A half hour of DDR2 in the evening was enough to make me realise how much fitness I’d lost, just in 2 months or so.

An hour of DDR2 in the evening with muscles that still ached from Monday, but it felt good.

Was not working well and feeling tired, so had 45 minutes of DDR2 at lunch time to energise me. I completed the Groove Arena mode started on Monday, and contemplated re-setting all the data and starting at the beginning so I’m not competing with the fitter me of a few months ago.

Got DDR, the first one so managed an hour of it. So much harder when it’s new

Day off!

Managed an hour in the morning, with interruption, of DDR

No formal exercise, but we went out for a good walk with my sister’s dog to the pub and back.
I also made a big pot of soup and 2 pasta sauces for the week.

DDR2 is Dance Dance Revolution hottest party ever 2 (yes it’s a stupid title), one of the 2 main dance mat games available on Wii (dance mats and games exist for other platforms)

Week 1