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After the stresses of Thursday and Friday spent thinking about autism with reference to 2son I had a very lazy and much needed relaxing weekend.

I was comforted by visiting 2son’s primary school who very much did not think that ASD was right for 2son which certainly helped me relax on Friday night.

Other than going to see Gulliver’s Travels at the local cinema and collecting a Chinese takeaway on the way back, we didn’t go out all weekend and did nothing very much at home either.

3son wanted to earn some money so hoovering and several other chores got done. I did no work at all and read a few books, watched a few films and caught up playing silly games on the PC.

By coincidence one of the books I read on Saturday was on television on Sunday and I noticed that before it had started. I’m not good at checking television as I assume there’s only rubbish on which may be true most of the time but means I miss the good films when they are on. So we all settled down to watch a good, and different film (Stardust). Watching films because they’re on saves an awful lot of disagreement over choosing which recorded film to watch.

I even settled down to play Monopoly on Sunday evening with 2, 3 and 4sons. Within a few minutes I remembered why I don’t do this as they cannot talk and have their go at the same time, go off tangent, argue about whose turn it is since they’re not concentrating, which rules they’re playing by and what’s supposed to be happening. I lasted about 20 minutes before handing over to 2son who proceeded to thrash his brothers.

No major arguments, tantrums, problems. On to Monday!