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I failed completely to do any exercise last week. Or cooking.

I did lots of other things. I had 4 morning meetings and 5 evening engagements over the week, some work, some social, some both. I fell over and lost a whole day as I banged my head, not severely enough to go get it checked out, but badly enough that I stopped working for the day.

I am good at organising my weekly tasks, whether work or domestic, things that I have to do in the week. I am still failing to prioritise things, like exercise, that are purely for me. I don’t register it as being important, even though I recognise its importance when I haven’t done it.

Forcing myself to write this post once a week, with not just a diary, but an explanation of why I have or haven’t done what I want to is forcing me to think about it.

So I have just had an hour’s exercise, in the morning as I knew full well that I’m going out this evening and shan’t have the time or motivation to squeeze it in before hand. Let’s see how this week goes.