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Realising how badly I did the week before has encouraged me this week.

Monday: an hour of DDR on the wii, in the afternoon, knowing I was going out in the evening.

Tuesday: an hour of DDR2 on the wii.

Wenesday: 40 minutes of DDR3 on the wii

Thursday: an hour of DDR3

Friday: an hour of DDR3 in the evening. I have to say, my knees hurt and this is putting me off. I’m assuming this is just because I’m out of practice.

Saturday: managed 30 minutes or so of DDR but quite frankly I was too tired to enjoy it or do more.

Sunday: I took off…

Cooking: made a nice rice salad that is lasting, cooked roast lamb on Sunday, but no-one else seems to like lamb. 3son finally admitted that he doesn’t like meat that looks as if it came from an animal (chicken nuggets are all right) so I might have a second impending vegetarian and 1son went over to  the dark side (light side?) in January.