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Monday: I decided to start my wii workout programme and seeing as I had time to do it before school thought I’d do it whilst feeling positive. To find that both wii remotes were flat and unusable so my good thought was stymied. I did manage it at lunchtime so completed 20 minute workout.

I also completed all the vitally urgent tasks of the day as well, despite fuming after my father being asinine. It wasn’t really important but it did take me two hours to calm down.

Tuesday: This time I managed to do my workout before the school run. It was a bit of a squeeze but also a good sense of achievement. I also managed to do what I wanted to do workwise as well.

Wednesday: No workout today (2 days on, 1 day off) and although I intended to do some dance or some form of exercise, I didn’t. Went out for lunch with a lovely lady and was in bed by 7. Didn’t quite do as much work as planned but had fun instead.

Thursday: Did my workout, again before school run. I had a meeting in the morning and spent the rest of the day feeling too shattered to find it easy to concentrate. I’ve been waking too early this past few weeks which is not helping me.

Friday/Saturday: Couldn’t quite fit it in and couldn’t find the motivation to shift something else

Sunday: I lay in bed in the morning, thinking that I couldn’t be bothered but that I hadn’t done any for the last two days and the excuse was wearing thin. So I got up and did a workout. These workouts were easy when I last did them four months ago and now I’m really struggling which just goes to show how quickly any physical progress vanishes.

As for cooking I’m trying to think about simple cooking. I’m moving back towards meat and salad and am trying to vary children’s diet a bit. They tend to rotate between pizza, pasta, something and chips, and I’ve finally found a burger they will all eat (they wouldn’t eat home made, or any of the shop made but they will not eat the most expensive one from our local supermarket). They’re absolute fusspots when it comes to food and I struggle mightily with them.

I didn’t do all that I meant to achieve this week which either means I need to work harder or set myself lower goals, which is something I find difficult as I expect perfection from myself as a minimum. My father asking me what I spent my days doing didn’t help either.