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I intended to get my head down and on with work this morning. Lack of sleep means that by lunchtime my ability and desire to think straight has vanished.

However, I was talking to a friend on the way home from school this morning. In fact we stopped on the street corner for a twenty minute chat. She is facing similar but different issues and is shortly to be transferred to the same CAMHS that I am using and is naturally apprehensive at the future for her family as well as the present.

We’re both frustrated at the system in exactly the same way: time passes, not a lot happens. Different problems, different organisations but the same slow response. It’s been over a year now.

My complaining at the last meeting has resulted in a new social worker making an appointment to come and see me at 3.30pm and he’d like to meet the children. I pointed out that I’m doing the school run at 3.30pm, something he hadn’t thought of. So we made another appointment for last Friday and he didn’t turn up, nor did he ring to cancel. I rang on Monday to chase and he hasn’t got back to me. So that’s exciting.

I am getting a home visit this Friday from teach and a clinician who has had no contact with us before. I’m hoping that 2son will appear, and preferably talk as well, but I’m also hoping for a caring government.

The only alternative to just waiting around for the ASD assessment is by my EWO (Education Welfare Officer) who works in the school’s borough rather in our home borough as our home borough EWO didn’t want to know. She is planning a team meeting, several weeks ahead and is trying to drag everyone along so we can do something. She says she is appalled by the lack of action and wants to get some support in for 2son. I couldn’t agree more. I like her and we’ll see what happens in a fortnight.

The one good bit of news last week was my headteacher offering to put 3son and 4son’s names down for “Operation Happy Child”, a charity that takes disadvantaged children away for the weekend for some fun and frolics as respite. Yes please and thank you very much, although I find it hard to accept that my children are disadvantaged.

I’ve also told my parents that I/we need a Summer holiday this year as we didn’t have one last year. I told them that they need to be a backup plan so that if 2son decides on the morning of departure that he’s not going that they can step in and look after him and I can go away with the younger two. They were not impressed with the idea although recognised the need for a plan ‘B’. I’ll have to work on them.

In the meantime though, talking about it all this morning drags me down. I can cope as long as I don’t think about it. My friend has a partner so their burden is shared, which doesn’t lessen it but does make it easier to cope with. She thinks I’m amazing for coping on my own and it’s very nice to hear that. In fact I need to hear that from someone who knows what I’m going through and isn’t just being nice.

On that note, I need to go and do some work before snoozing in front of the computer sets in. I can’t afford to be distracted like this. I’ve even turned twitter off.