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Cecily talks about Intuitive Eating in her blog, and although it sounded odd, after the third or fourth time she mentioned it I decided to give it a go. This was about May of last year, so almost exactly a year ago.

Intuitive EatingThe 10 principles of Intuitive Eating can be found on their website and if you’re interested I recommend reading them but they start off with these: give up diets; eat when hungry; stop when full; if you’re eating for other reasons then sort them out, make peace with food (such as stopping the need to clear plate because “there are children starving…”); stop the food police (chocolate bad, muesli good). In short, enjoy eating good food when you’re hungry, and stop eating food for the wrong reasons and learn to treat your body with respect.

The Don't Diet Live-It! WorkbookI read the book which all made sense and tried to start to apply it. I joined Through Thick and Thin, a support forum for eating disorders and started to talk my way through this.

Through advice given on the forum I started another book, The Don’t Diet Live-It! Workbook which, as the name suggests, has a lot of worksheets, or journeys to complete as you read through the book. I started, did a few which I posted on the forum.

Health at Every SizeLastly I got, but never opened, Health at Every Size, a book to “help heal your relationship with food and bodies”.

Now I stopped using the forum back in October so I only spent about five months actively thinking about all this. I also stopped feeling positive about the forum feeling slightly ignored (possibly because I didn’t use it as fully as I could). I was also aware that I couldn’t quite cope with other members’ positive attitudes finding them too opposite from my own emotions; I couldn’t just be happy for them. However I do think the forum participation gave me the encouragement to start this blog which in itself is a good achievement.

I need to go back and read these books again, or for the first time. I need to think about what I’m reading which also means writing about it.

I found this post quite difficult to write, considering I’m only writing about what has happened but the closer I get to talking this personally about me the harder it is and the more I struggle not to just give up and leave it for another day. This is certainly something I need to take to counselling.