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Health at Every SizeThis follows on from a  previous post as I go through HAES.

Rather than respond to  our in-built cues about hunger, satiation, what to eat, instead we respond more to external cues. The plate must be empty, rather than I must feel full.

Rules provided by the media, the government, well meaning friends and teachers all tell us about good foods, bad foods, over-eating, inappropriate foods. Adverts tell us to celebrate or commiserate with chocolate cakes, beer and all sort of luxury foods that we’re also being told not to eat because it’s bad food.

On top of that we eat, not just because we’re hungry, but because we’re happy, sad, miserable, stressed, excited or lonely and for a very short while comfort food makes us feel better. We also eat because it’s a birthday or other celebration, because if we don’t eat know when we’re not hungry we won’t have time later when we are, because someone offers and we can’t say no.

We eat for all sorts of reasons and for many of us, being hungry is the least of them.

In HAES these are referred to restrained and unrestrained eaters where restrained eaters try to control your body weight and don’t trust your body to do it for you whereas restrained eaters rely on internal body cues to determine when and how much to eat.

Quotes are taken from “Health at Every Size” by Linda Bacon