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I’ve hardly done any writing this month.

And yet, I do have so much to say, that I need to write down. For the last month I have felt that I have arrived on a plateau: a half way point where you can pause and enjoy the scenery and the sunshine, get your breath back before trekking on up the mountain. I haven’t wanted to start trekking again.

A lot has happened in the last month and much of it has been positive and I would like to share it. But I’ve also spent much of it working hard trying to clear out work so that I’m ready to cope with the holidays and I have not had the time or energy to spend on me. I have been doing too much and just been too tired when I have had the time. Before I sound too dull I should also state that I’ve had quite a few fun evenings out as well.

I still find it difficult to write at any time other than late at night which doesn’t help, and that’s not really going to change over the holidays. My priorities are still wrong. I was determined to clear out work stuff but couldn’t make that commitment to spend more time on me. At least I was aware of it and acknowledged it which is something.

I am going to try and spend more time writing over the summer. I’d like to commit to a post a day but I think there’s no chance of doing that. However I am going to try harder. Not because I think I ought to, but because I need to.

I have had some amazing conversations with some of my very best friends this week and for that I am deeply thankful. Both that I have good friends  and that we can take the time to talk. It’s still a novelty for me to have more than one person at a time I feel I can talk to.