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Well, after all my moaning about my eldest, it would seem that he too has turned a corner. He’s passed an audition and been offered a place to study for an Extended Diploma in Performing Arts, a two year course based near his father.

I’m not at all sure whether this is the right choice for him but guess that he either realises that it is and knuckles down and works for once, or gives up on it entirely. Either way there will be a positive outcome. Finances for this are not yet sorted. Being 19 he’s supposed to pay tuition fees. He asked the college and they said it would be paid for and he could remain on JSA at the same time but they can’t sort out anything until September as they don’t know what’s going on. Considering people currently on JSA are told they cannot study and stay on JSA it’s all a bit confusing. We’ll find out next term what the truth is.

I guess, like his brother that he just needed the time to grow up a bit and decide what he wanted to do. I am sceptical as he’s never done all that much drama but I also acknowledge that there may be other reasons for that. His father saw him rehearsing his audition piece and said he couldn’t have delivered that performance a year or two ago. I’m also feeling disloyal just for saying all this about him.

I’m immensely please that he has made a positive decision and hope this will do him good. I’m not at all convinced but would really like to know that sitting back and letting him find his own way though life has been the right decision.

3son has finished Year 6 and hence primary school is done with. His teacher gave him his school report and told me to watch out in case his head got too big to fit through the door. He is supremely over-confident at the moment and my greatest fear over starting a new school is that he’ll get punched in the first week for being insufferably arrogant. He has done well and won an award which was one out of a handful for his year group which came as a very pleasant surprise. I was even more surprised as he doesn’t really fit in with the school ethos having developed into a militant atheist at a church school.

He’s got three or four friends he should keep in touch with but is otherwise pleased to see primary school go, and indeed is pleased that he won’t have to see several of his classmates again, as am I. He has a week over the summer at school with a bunch of other Gifted and Talented students so hopefully he will be able to make some friends before he starts in September.

At home he is driving me absolutely round the bend by being insufferably arrogant and by complaining loudly about everything. He’s started arguing about every little thing and refusing to accept my decisions. He’s only 11 but is creeping into a teenager already. I do much prefer his supreme self-confidence than the self-doubts that could be assailing him at this age.

As for 4son, he is last but by no means least. He has come to realise that even when he’s all grown up, he’ll still be the youngest and baby of the family. He’s done well at school with his report better than his older brother and is pleased with it. His teacher has now spent 4 years teaching my boys and is done with my family. I know some parents and children who have had problems with her but none of mine have and 4son speaks warmly of her. He is slightly worried about having a brand new teacher next terms as normally they are a familiar character but other than that has no real worries.

He’s a little over sensitive and concerned about 2son but his huge temper tantrums do seem to have quietened down a lot. He’s a lot easier than any or all of his brothers and the most helpful at home.

He and 3son have been thrown together a lot over the last year and with 3son’s constant smugness and superior attitude towards 4son that has become increasingly difficult. The family dynamics will change substantially come September but 4son is quite independent and looking forward to being the only one of his family at his school. He is more amenable to small chunks of independence and coming home on his own from school so I am hoping to not be quite so strict about school collections at the end of the day.

So children-wise we’re making huge process. Both 1son and 2sons have big plans that are good plans and hopeful and the younger two are also happy to look forward to next year. I’d like therefore to be able to spend a little bit more time this summer and afterwards thinking about me.