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Wouldn’t it be nice if:
I could walk without my thighs rubbing together;
I could buy clothes because they fitted rather than covered;
I could buy clothes in the shops rather than online;
I could buy clothes because I want to rather than because I’ve grown out of the last lot;
I could look in the mirror and be pleased with what I see;
I could be active without struggling for breath;
I could enjoy that feeling of being energetic;
I exercised enough that my muscles didn’t hurt when I use them;
I didn’t feel that my body is such a lump;
I had more energy;
I could take pleasure in feeling healthier;
I enjoyed thinking about food;
I enjoyed cooking;
I took greater pleasure in eating;
I stopped hearing my parents’ voices in my head;
I could stop worrying about all this stuff;
I valued myself enough to take the time to do all the above.