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I have, in the last year, really stopped from joining in friends’ weight chat. I no longer congratulate them on losing a pound or four. I don’t participate in diet talk, of how fattening or calorific something or other is. I tend to stay quiet or just say that I’m not bothered by how fattening something is. I’ll make the quiet comment, saying things like “But does it taste nice?”.

I either don’t feel the need or am not ready to evangelise about HAES and since I’ve stopped participating in these conversations I have become far more aware of how pervasive they are. They’re not just frequent but they are so negative. It’s all about denial of food and negative thinking and total misery.

I have over the last week tried to stop myself when I’m looking critically at the mirror. If I can’t think anything nice, at least I can just stop myself from thinking anything negative. It’s a start.

I never criticise people’s appearance and I think I don’t agree with people when they are being self-critical although I wouldn’t say that for certain. I possibly don’t correct people who complain about their own appearance and will endeavour to so do. I do tell my friends they’re beautiful, probably more the female ones than the male and I shall try to do so more often. We all appreciate compliments and I’ve always tried to remind friends of their wonderful qualities.

Beautiful You by Rosie Molinary

Beautiful You by Rosie Molinary

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