Choose a container and put a coin in whenever you have negative thoughts about yourself.

I read this in the morning and thought I don’t do these things. I don’t put my change in a jar as it all seems a pointless way of saving money and you end up with a jar full of change that is awkward to exchange or spend. However I started doing this when I quit smoking and my mother did it when she too quit after my suggestion. She stopped fairly early on as she didn’t feel it was about the money. I stopped physically putting money in a jar, but worked it out on paper and promised myself the equivalent financial treat if I stayed quit for six months. Which I did, and bought myself a massive CD collection as a reward.

So I haven’t created a jar yet. I think I owe it a pound for today. I was thinking about finding a jar before it gets recycled and as I come to bed I think, why use something cheap, boring and practical? Surely for a self-appreciation jar, I need something pretty and beautiful. I will find something suitable.

I also went out tonight, and rather than my usual not dressing up, or slightly dressing up, I dressed up properly, and felt a lot better for it.

Beautiful You by Rosie Molinary

Beautiful You by Rosie Molinary

Beautiful You, by Rosie Molinary is available at Amazon (click on the picture) and her website is Rosie Molinary