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My brain has disappeared.

The consultant psychiatrist has come to make her official visit to see 2son before signing off the paperwork. The GP (who should be mine but could be anyone out of the practice) and the official social worker also need to come. Then paperwork is submitted and it has to happen within 5 days.

I’ve deferred my jury service until October. It will probably clash with half term but need it out of the way.

All I really have to do is to pack an emergency bag for him and be ready to go with him.

Social services should provide a couple of people and a car to take him but they need to confirm. I wasn’t actually sure until I asked just now that I’d go with him in the first instance.

I tried discussing it with him again and he just doesn’t want to. I suppose it saves facing up to reality but it means that I’m just terrified for him. The first 24 hours of this are going to be awful for me, let alone for him. I want to get it over and done as I’m just numb at the thought of it all, that is when I’m not being scared.