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I said something casually this morning that I shouldn’t have.

I upset someone on Twitter. She’d kicked out in anger yesterday and today her foot was still hurting. Rather than ask her why she was so angry yesterday, I laughed, just a little. I think the instinctive reaction when you see someone kick out at a wall and then say “ouch” bewilderingly is to laugh a little, before addressing the anger.

But this was on Twitter. I couldn’t read her body language, hear the sound of her voice or really notice that she was genuinely upset. So I was flippant and I lost her. Someone who has given me support and warm phrases since she started reading this blog. I’m sorry and I’ve said I’m sorry.

When I read blogs from people who are working through their problems, whether physical or mental illness, or just a tough life, I hear their strength. Even when they are saying that life is difficult and tough and they don’t know how they will get through I hear the strength of someone who is coping, who is trying to fight the odds and be strong. These are voices of survivors. If these writers weren’t strong they wouldn’t be writing their emotions down in public.

And yet we’re all vulnerable and a casual phrase can upset us all so much. I agonise over having said the wrong things and I have spent all day thinking about this. It may already be forgotten on her side. I don’t know. But I haven’t. We’re all vulnerable and we can all collapse at times if the wrong thing is said.

I’m sorry and will try and be better.