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So the weekend started with my collecting 2son, along with his multi-coloured timetable. He refused to follow any of it, going to bed after midnight (and after me) and not getting up until midday, and then refusing to get dressed or doing anything that was laid down for him.

I passed the buck by ringing up the ward on Friday morning to tell them this, and to see if they had any bright suggestions. His keyworker spoke to him on the phone while I held it to his ear but there was no joy and he failed to go to CATE on Friday afternoon. I think that he sees this as a long weekend and we need to try him just coming home for 24 hours during the week.

4son was away for the day, and night, with a friend’s birthday party and sleepover. In his absence I made a suggestion to 3son that he can have as much time on the computer as he spends out, to which he agreed. He was then more enthusiastic about coming out on Saturday especially when 1son, who had turned up Friday evening, volunteered to come along.

On Saturday afternoon I took 1son and 3son out to the local festivities which was very nice until I fell into the river and my front teeth flew out. I have really bad teeth, which are not helped by an over-abundance of ortho-dentistry as a child which removed a good third of my teeth. Anyway, I have a plate for my front two upper incisors as they did fall out a few years ago. The plate is slightly loose and as I was trying to get up out of the water my plate flew out and disappeared. So I was somewhat shaky from having fallen in and struggled to get out and then walking around not wanting to open my mouth at all. Apart from that we had a nice time wandering about and we all had a go at the archery to finish off what was almost a perfect afternoon.

And of course this happens over a bank holiday weekend when I can’t even ring my dentist until Tuesday.

I had an early night, which I needed, and this morning made the discovery that £70 had disappeared, probably into 1son’s pocket. He has stolen from me very very occasionally and has always eventually admitted it. I tried ringing him but he was at work so didn’t answer but I spoke to his father instead who will tackle him on it.

We had local street party this afternoon/evening but I really feel awful going out without teeth and 3son was not in the mood for it so we struggled to stay an hour. I could have dragged them to various other festivities as we are quite spoiled for choice but let went home again and have retired with a book.

What with one thing and another I do feel quite exhausted and have done all day. Nothing has gone right, except for 3son enjoying his time away and I shall be reluctant to go out at all apart from visiting the dentist. Considering I did have a chat with 3son and 4son about the need to go out more and how we’ve just stopped I find this highly inconvenient, demoralising and bloody frustrating.

Just to wrap it up my father is going in for a second operation on Tuesday to remove two cancerous spots on his lung. He was taking it quite lightly which hides an awful lot of panic inside