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I need to write a post on not writing enough but that’s not for now.

Last week we had 2son home for Wednesday and Thursday. Again he went to CATE on Wednesday when I took him but not on Thursday when he just slept. I phoned up and said that this wasn’t working and we need to change something before the next assessment meeting which was a fortnight away.

I got nothing back until a phonecall late on Friday saying would I pick him up on Saturday for overnight stay. I almost said no as I really didn’t want to do the return journey twice in one week but thought somebody might be thinking about all this. So off I trotted on Saturday morning to collect him.

I was somewhat miffed to find him still fast asleep at midday when I got there. I was also frustrated by the fact that 2son jumped out of bed as soon as I said to wake up and come home. This is the complete reverse of what he does at home when he doesn’t want to get up, showing that it’s all his deliberate choice.

Anyway we went home. I was going to take the others to a friend’s 60th birthday in the park but 2son refused to go and while I almost sat home and sulked I went out on my own. I didn’t want to drag the other two out and leave 2son on his own so I left all of them.

On Sunday, my sister borrowed a dog and came out and we went for a mighty long walk which the youngest really enjoyed but naturally 2son just stayed in bed. I then had to get him back to hospital with Sunday trains thrown in.

So when the phone call came this week saying mid-week and weekend I said no. We compromised eventually on Thursday-Sunday. I asked what we were going to do about getting him to decide that he wants to get up at home. They’re working on it. Super, I thought.

I picked him up at half past eight on Thursday morning, leaving 4son to depart for school on his own, something he’s perfectly capable of. We went straight to CATE without any problem and he stayed for the full day, which was great, the first time in the best part of a year that he’s been for a full day.

Yesterday evening was somewhat fraught as having 2son disrupted the routine of 3son and 4son. I didn’t get 3son to bed until gone ten but I was pleased to actually get 2son in bed at eleven, after which I promptly collapsed to sleep.

When I got up this morning however I realised that someone had been down after I had gone to bed last night as the curtains had been closed again. So any expectations of getting 2son up and out of the house by 9 are limitied. 3son is also still fast asleep as I type, so the chances of his being at school in twenty minutes are non-existent.

I have already spent the last hour or so running up and down stairs and will expect to spend the rest of the morning doing so. I’m in a foul temper and it’s only just gone eight.