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Well I made it!

Six days without any children. I read a dozen books, saw five films at the cinema and a few more at home, went out with friends most evenings and spent a lot of time sitting in the garden, except for when it was raining.

I also managed to just spend about two hours in those six days on the computer which is quite remarkable in itself. Having given up one Facebook game at the end of last term I now gave up my last one so I’m free of annoyingly addictive and competitive games. This alone probably gives me an extra couple of hours in the day. I will still play silly little games on the computer but ones that relax rather than compel me.

I did nothing else. No thinking, no planning, no phone calls, no paperwork. I managed about ten minutes washing up a day and about an hour of tidying up during the week and that was all that was needed. It’s sad to say but I found real pleasure in walking into a room and finding it in the same tidy state that I’d left it in.

So I really achieved what I wanted that week: lots of relaxation without trying to achieve anything very much. If I’d had a second week I might have started doing a bit more thinking but as it was I had a total break.

I do feel pleased with myself for not having tried to anything more and to have had it as a real relaxing vacation. I’m already looking forward to next year’s.