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WildWillows wrote a short post asking what you cherish about yourself. I could have written her first paragraph myself, I agree with it that much.

I find it really easy to list everything that’s “wrong” with me but what do I cherish about myself?

I cherish the fact that I haven’t given up yet.
I cherish the friends whom I love, the fact that I’m capable of freely giving unconditional love. And cuddles.
I cherish my love for books, that my brain works well and I consider myself intelligent.
I cherish my stubbornness or bloody-mindedness or independent thought!
I cherish the progress that I have made so far in untangling my thoughts and emotions.
I cherish my honesty about myself and my own morals and ethics.
I appreciate my organisational skills (not sure if I cherish them).
I cherish the memories of those I have loved who have died: my grandmothers, L, B, V and F.
I cherish my children.