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Well I’ve done my back in again.

I spent most of the night trying to find a position that didn’t make me want to scream with pain. And then trying to stay there.

My back’s always been weak. I blame it on carrying four children myself. That and bending over rather than bending at the knees.

Oh and having given up the school run last year means I don’t automatically have two daily walks, however short.

I gave up exercising on the Wii some six months ago.

All these factors have something to say in it.

So I started off doing my back exercises this morning and got back on the Wii. Possibly I’m the least fit I’ve ever been. There’s something to cheer me up on top of everything else.

I can’t stay in any position without pain and yet I don’t want to move. I walked around for most of the day yesterday with a hot water bottle stuffed down my trousers. It might sound stupid but it helps a lot. Even a hot bath didn’t do much.

It’s a shame that I need 48 hours of pain to act as a wake up call to look after my body. Here’s hoping that this time I can find the motivation to continue with it.