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Following on from the previous post I wanted a quick list of lots of positive affirmations about me; a list that I can look at when I need reminding of the good things.

  • I enjoy learning;
  • I’m proud to be geeky although I don’t see myself as a geek;
  • I love my garden that I have created;
  • I think my children are awesomely brilliant;
  • my eldest son has grown up into an intelligent, caring young man whose company I really enjoy;
  • my children show amazing independence;
  • I have lovely thick hair that is just beginning to go grey;
  • I can make my own decisions;
  • I have a home that I love and enjoy decorating;
  • I get to sleep diagonally across my bed if I so choose;
  • I work from home with hours to suit;
  • I don’t really have a boss;
  • I love the world that we live in and have some sense of the privilege we are afforded;
  • I’m aware that the health and longevity of my children would be considered a luxury in some countries;
  • I have a fully able body; it all works;
  • I am compassionate; I try not to judge but to support, even if I can’t understand;
  • I am bringing up four children on my own and I’m still sane;
  • I have a humanist outlook on life;
  • I try and live by the Platinum rule (rather than the Golden rule);
  • I definitely agree with the Underpants rule;
  • I like who I am;
  • I am willing to change and to work towards it;
  • My house: my rules;
  • I don’t commute;
  • I love where I live and the surrounding community;
  • I have friends;
  • I’m organised;
  • I’m financially disciplined and not in debt;
  • I can cope with pretty much everything;
  • I could continue.