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Our homework for this week’s session about improving self-confidence/esteem is to set sensible goals. I said that my goal was to have fewer goals which was probably not the most helpful response.

The idea is to set SMART goals: Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Time Limited goals. I really hate these lovely little phrases that sound so pleased with themselves. So let’s go through my goals.

1. Exercise

Complete a one month workout course every half term. This I’ve just accomplished but think it fits the mnemonic perfectly and there’s another half term about to start.

2. Meditation

I know it’s only ten minutes a day, but somehow after doing exercise I just want to get on with the day. So let’s try for five minutes meditation beforehand and see if I can build up to ten minutes every day (with five minutes before bed) by the end of half term. After having done 20 odd weeks of guided meditation I’m going for unguided.

3. Blogging here

One a week for a half term. I’ve gone up and down on the numbers side, swinging between one a day and one every 2-3 months. Let’s go for something sensible in the middle.

And the rest

We are asked to set three goals. But I’ve got a long list of them. Let’s sum up my many goals just to show how ridiculous they all are.

  1. Exercise
  2. Meditation
  3. Blogging
  4. Cooking / eating properly
  5. Reducing alcohol intake (for high blood pressure) down to 21 units
  6. Improve self-liking
  7. Intuitive Eating / Healthy at Every Size – believe and accomplish
  8. Volunteer less and get paid for more of what I do
  9. Take a day off once in a while
  10. Read more
  11. Clean more
  12. Improve my handling of 3son.
  13. Rethink and redo my public personal blog and post there once a month
  14. Play piano, now that I’ve got one
  15. Be more physically active, not in terms of exercise but in going out
  16. Finish decorating my house
  17. Lose weight (in conflict with 7)
  18. Stress less

1-6 are the important ones here and the ones to focus on. I could have added get a life, or think about the future, but that’s far too much.

What are the goals I have achieved though?

In the order of finding a fair balance, let’s look at my past achievements.

  1. Become single
  2. Become independent
  3. Become financially safe (as much as one can), not be in debt
  4. Make friends
  5. Have a social life
  6. Have a home, not a house
  7. Quit smoking
  8. Find work that works for me
  9. Be less affected by parents’ current remarks and attitudes
  10. Feeling safe, putting down roots
  11. 1son has turned out very well thank you.

Now that makes me smile and feel proud.