Following on from my previous post, I need to find a better balance between what I do on a school day and what I do in holidays.

The last two days I have leapt out of bed, got the children up, washed up, exercised, meditated, got washed and dressed, had a thoughtful breakfast and have been at work for 9 or half past.

Although there is stress involved in getting up at half six and I wouldn’t wish that early a start on anybody I actually feel more positive and engaged in my day than on a holiday day when I might sleep in (on and off) until ten, have a cup of tea (or two) in bed with a book and then get up, often to slump in front of a laptop, feeling lacking in energy.

I don’t actually enjoy my so-called relaxation half as much as I do the sense of achievement from having exercised, meditated and got on with work. So I need to think about how I spend my weekends and my holidays in a more productively relaxing way, whether it involves going out or not.

The contrast is too great.