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4son is off school today. He swears it’s got nothing to do with PE but it keeps being Wednesdays he takes off. Last year he noticeably avoided PE and was given an office to change in, although I’m still not sure how much that was actually the problem. The office is still available to use.

3son took Monday off. On Saturday night I decided to just go to bed without getting them off the computers and he didn’t get off until 5am so naturally Monday was a problem.

I know all the text book advice on implementing proper bedtime routines to manage children and do my best to follow a plan. But plans fall to pieces and I seem to do nothing but argue with 3son when he’s at home, even before we get anywhere near bedtime. Which is of course his preferred time for doing homework. Come ten o’clock at night and my strength is disappearing. I’m tired even if  no one else is.

And then I spend the day with a child fast asleep upstairs, feeling depressed because I can’t get my act together. Along with guilt for being a bad parent and letting them spend too much time on the computer blah blah blah.