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…was what I asked for, adding acceptance in the following tweet.

After my last post I decided to do my periodic (well, once a year, sort of) check for an intuitive eating counsellor. I had tried explaining the concept of HAES and IE to my therapists several years ago, but realised my time was not best used in educating them. So it was a case of occasionally looking if anyone advertised their services mentioning any of these concepts.

Learning to drive meant that I could travel more readily so my options were greater. Another good reason for having another look, however pointless I felt it might be.


She’s actually qualified for Intuitive Eating, having trained with Evelyn Tribole herself and is familiar with size acceptance and HAES. Also I have a friend who worked with her in her previous life as a social worker so was able to get a positive endorsement.

On a practical level, we have a door to door bus connection so easy. Parking requirements might prevent driving.

We had a brief chat on the phone and everything seemed to make sense so I saw her last week. I went through an overview of wanting to make changes but unable to make them stick. She talked rather more than normal therapists and said she would and all was positive. One session is of course too little to tell, but I walked away with a weight off my shoulders and have felt lighter since.

The encounter reminded me of how alone I feel on this particular aspect of my journey as I am travelling it on my own without a companion.

My homework for this week was to think about hunger scales and it was at this point that I realised I’d lent my copy of Intuitive Eating to someone and I have no idea who. So I’ve ordered another one.

Most of the time I pay attention to my hunger. If anything I may be too quick to go feed myself. I sometimes push it to one side in the mornings when I don’t actually feel awake enough to eat and rarely hunger calls me louder than usual. At home of course it’s easier to eat when I feel hungry. I rarely feel really hungry although I quite often have the munchies when returning from the pub.