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I get into a great happy and productive holiday routine about ten days into holidays. It’s a shame that they only last two weeks.

I spend the first week sleeping in, or attempting to. Waking up about 10am, having a few cups of tea in bed along with a book or three before getting up. I quite often don’t actually do anything much in the afternoon as I still feel tired and groggy.

After about a week I start to feel alert, and to wake up naturally much earlier, spending less time in bed before wanting to get up. This holiday I skipped bothering to try and keep children to a normal sleep routine as we seem to do nothing but argue about bedtime during the term time so I went to sleep when I wanted to. I was able to stay out late when I wanted to and not feel dead the next day.

Once I get into holiday mode and really switch gears I end up doing more, working later in the day as the afternoon doesn’t get interrupted by children coming home which quite often kills off any energy I have left. My energy levels are higher, a lot higher, and by week 3 I’m starting to think about having days out and less exciting adventures like scrubbing the floor.

Unfortunately week 3 doesn’t exist until the summer holidays. Therein lies the rub. I struggle to find energy during term time just to survive from one day to the next whereas during the holidays I get this tantalising glimpse of what life could be like when I follow my own body clock. I’m only getting an hour or two more each night but that’s enough.

Being aware of this doesn’t really enable me to do anything about it, but it does make me realise the extent to which feeling half awake most of the time is due to day-to-day management and routines that I can do nothing about, but that it’s not my natural state. And that, of course is a huge acceptance.