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Alcohol may not solve my problems but neither will water or milkWell we’ve had three months of 2son at home. It’s been a long and lonely time. Our social worker has improved. He listens to what I say and acts upon it although it does help if I tell him what to do. But he’s still here.

We finally got 2son back to school with the presence of the social worker, a placement officer for an alternative placement and a call to the police. I then had to take him up to school, stay overnight and come back again.

Relief was short lived as funding for his placement has run out so he is there for 3 weeks until the end of term. The council are not minded to fund him for over the summer. They might fund him again from September.

So a strongly worded letter has been sent.

In other news…

Therapist is lovely and I enjoy working with her. I increasingly come home wanting to write but quite frankly at the moment I haven’t the energy, hence the long gap. We’re spending less time talking about food and more about my parents, which is necessary. She said today that that she heard “I want to break free” by Queen as my song, in that I want to break free from my parents, my children, anything that ties me down.

So life is a bit shit at the moment. There’s so much more to say but I’m really not motivated to say it.