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ClosedCitizens Advice say their phone lines open at 10am. No they don’t. They give you a long message before admitting that no assessors are available to answer your call although some specialists are. I eventually got through at something like 11:30am only to be told that they cannot refer me to my local CAB directly. There is a drop in today, between 10-1pm. So I pick up my folder and venture down only to find the above sign. People are allowed to be ill but I’m not feeling that great either.

There’s another drop in session tomorrow at a different office at the same time as my therapy appointment. Good thing I can change the latter but I do actually need it.

Now I’m also going to try local legal advice centre and see if I can get anything from them and if it will be any faster. Of course the one in my borough seems to be closed and I can’t find anyone else that covers the borough. I have however left a message with a neighbouring law centre to see if they can signpost me.

I also thought I’d try getting a doctor’s appointment. I’m not depressed, still, but anxiety is hitting the roof. What she can do I really don’t know but at the moment I’ll reach out to anybody.

Speaking of which my lovely social worker phoned and she’s referring me to another agency who may offer me some support. Since I’ve heard that they’re incompetent and under-staffed I look forward to finding out. She also wants to come round and introduce us to the new social worker as she’s moving sideways. Not good news and I said so. Not her fault as they are moving teams around yet again. This one should be the last team and possibly therefore the last social worker. My how we laughed at that idea.

So fuck my life really. It’s difficult to think about anything else.