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I’m going to give it a try. Ten minutes every night, using a timer.

Today I’m in pain. I had a fantastic weekend, four days almost with children and I got so much done. I hoovered, gardened, washed up, washed clothes and towels, swept the floor and more. Not exciting. I also did work, and some computer tidying up which was all necessary. I went out and had fun every day with friends. I also found time to have a bath without interruption.

My downfall was collecting my latest acquisition, a twisted willow or corkscrew willow, from the sorting office as I didn’t think it could last a few more days in the heat without watering. I felt my back complain but didn’t really pay it attention as the tree was small and light but clearly I didn’t carry it properly. Doing hoovering and other such activities added to the pressure and I woke up in pain on Monday.

I did immediately revert to doing my physio and lying on the floor but I haven’t had to sleep on it which only happens when it’s really bad. I’m annoyed with myself as I wanted to do more digging in the garden and even reading is difficult as it’s hard to stay comfortable for more than a short while.

I also today met our new social worker. Oh yes, the last one lasted eight months. I got a phone call out of the blue last week asking whether I knew the previous social worker had left. Nope, not a clue but it explains why she wasn’t returning my emails. This one  had draft copies of documents that we drafted back in November with a couple more questions to complete before getting them finally approved. We will see what happens.  His job title is “Child in need worker” and I don’t know whether he’s a qualified social worker or not. I must ask him or find out.

I am planning on concentrating on 2son next, getting up the nose of anyone I can to get this through.

The helicopter is circulating overhead and has been for ten minutes. This normally means that the police are chasing someone. It’s incredibly loud and distracting.