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Today was full of emotions really. Both 3son and 4son had their final exams after which the alarm has been turned off for ten weeks or so. As 4son now enters his final two years it feels like the beginning of the end after so many years of schooling.

At the same time, my eldest celebrates a birthday and I reflect that I have been a parent for well over twenty years. It’s big chunk of life and although I will never stop, at least I am done with the school run and I do not expect 4son to have any real problems during his last two years although of course he could surprise me.

3son has during the week gone for another interview for an apprenticeship. No more are in the pipeline as yet and I’m just pleased that he managed to attend his exams for the one A level he had left. He did say they were both really easy which is of course worrying. He has spent more time preparing for his debut battle rap this weekend.

4son has taken his first solo trip tonight, flying away like he’s used to it. I am very aware that I was overly mothering him, offering to hang around the airport until he was through security just in case. Just in case of what I have no idea but he was fine. I am not used to his absence and I was trying to not make him apprehensive about his journey when he clearly wasn’t.

So yes, endings need to happen in order to make space for new beginnings and I am really aware that I am making a new beginning as being more than just a parent, as are my sons in their own way.