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Well we did it. Interview done and ticked off. I hate interviews. I really hate them. I don’t like selling myself and I’m not good at it. Then as I’m walking out I’m already wondering why I said this or that, why I didn’t mention whatever and my amazing ability to tongue tie myself.

I wasn’t even that worried about it. I was really calm the day before, by my standards at least and it was good to meet up with my two companions before hand. We had a lovely woman interviewing us, who was very classical person-centred and the group interview went well and she told us we were all fine.

We heard that there were only a few others in the second batch of interviews, looked round the room and decided that unless any of us messed it all up we were in. The integrative pathway is clearly a lot more fashionable.

We were sent off to do our own piece of work on a rather terrible quotation which we did and then went and lounged in the park until it was time for interviews. I feel that I talked complete crap. I mentioned effect of my childhood a couple of times, words said in therapy a few and referred to the need for balance a lot. A few times I found it really hard to say what was in my head. I walked out feeling like a total idiot. My two friends both told me I was fine. They had both asked about competition for places at the end of theirs and had been told not to worry about getting in.

Having said all that, we then went off and had nice drinks and walks and dinner, had a very amicable late afternoon and evening before making our way home. We talked about all sorts and bonded. It looks like we are probably spending the next two years together but I shan’t relax until I get the letter.