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It’s only been a fortnight since my last post and yet so much has changed.

I complained to our local policeman about the lack of police involvement and he’s taken it up, which is good, but you shouldn’t have to know someone in order to get anything done.

Finally got to a point where I could pause with the house. All beds are up. Two trips have been made to the charity shop and one to a dogs’ trust to dump excess duvets. The attic has been half cleared as has the space above my wardrobes. It all feels emptier. Next is sorting out pictures and frames and thinking about more painting. But it all feels good.

4son has started his A levels, with a visit to local universities to remind them the point of it all. He’s cheerful and has come back to football and is dragging his big brother along for the ride which is great. He did very well in his GCSEs and is remarkably balanced.

3son is still as happy as a pig in shit with his apprenticeship, coming home and spending 2 hours telling me every single detail. It’s great, it’s marvellous, but I do wish he’d shut up.

2son has moved to his new school successfully. We arrived and there was no table for his computer, no internet (which he knew he’d have to get) and abysmal wifi. He wobbled and almost collapsed, but didn’t. He got up the next day and went to school and has done every day since. He is absolutely awesome and I cannot tell you both how proud I am of him and what a relief.

I’ve come back from that visit with a week before starting college and it all feels like I haven’t had a holiday, mainly because I haven’t and that my head is all over the place with things to do. I’ve also got work to the house slightly closer to actually happening which is another achievement. I do not feel that I have fully cleared my head and am ready for the new year which is a bit difficult. I’m thinking of a holiday this term but haven’t looked at dates yet.

So I’m feeling that we’re all in a good place and have made magnificent progress over the summer but I’m feeling a little bit lost and wanting to settling back in to a normal routine, although life is never normal.