About Me

In this year, 2019, I will turn 50, half way through my life in years.

I live in London, have 4 sons ranging from 16 to 26 and I have spent a very long time being a single parent. The outer children, 1son and 4son are fairly centred but the inner two middle children continue to face challenges. 2son is autistic and at residential school where he is still struggling to make sense of it all. 3son has recently started an apprenticeship which is making him very happy after having had a miserable time failing A levels and contemplating suicide.

Last July I completed my Certificate of Counselling and have started on the Diploma, a two year course that will permit me to become a fully qualified person-centred therapist.

I wrote an end of year assessment in December that goes into detail about where I am. I am struggling with self confidence (hence the picture), am striving with daily meditation and Pilates and am in my third year of private therapy. I think I’ve knocked depression on its head but it occasionally looms.

I write about any and all of the above as part of my own therapy.

January 2019

3 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I “stumbled upon” your blog and just want to encourage you. I have also found to write about my daily life and the challenges I experience to be therapeutic and in fact an experience I enjoy more as time goes by. I do believe that you have lots to contribute and share with people which will impact their lives. Be strong and courageous!

  2. Inspire me Journals said:

    I too just stumbled across your blog. What a great idea that you are writing everything down; I hope you get lots of support from your blog followers & that you find your inner strength to be the woman you want to be!

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