About Me in 2017

Reading with Green Parasol, Mary Cassat
Reading with Green Parasol, Mary Cassat

Comparing the About Me pages written in 2010 and 2011 it is apparent how far I have already come in my journey, writing now in October 2017.

I am now at a cross over point in my life. I’m approaching 50 and my children have almost finished school with three years to go. I have 4 sons ranging from 15 to 25 and I have spent a very long time being a single parent. With the end (of full time parenting at least) in sight, it is time for me to think about what I want, not something I am used to.

I am from September 2017 embarking on a qualification entitled “Certificate of Counselling”. Equivalent to an A level this is a second step on a journey that could lead me to becoming a fully qualified person-centred therapist.

This is also just another step in my own journey to becoming the person I wish I’d always been, to fulfil my potential. I am only beginning to accept the positive changes that I have made in the last few years. After several years of using counsellors in training I have put my money towards me and have been seeing a private therapist for two years now who has helped me on my way.

I write about my course, my own journey in self-awareness and of course about my sons. My childhood features less than it used to but it still crops up now and then.